Technical Know How

The Luminous Textile Technology is complementary to LED technology. It is a high efficiency light guide, from a single spot into a large illuminated surface. The technology consists of weaving optical fibres, processing the fibres with a unique side-emitting process and connecting the textile to LED’s.

Lighting features:

  • Perfect uniformity of light distribution
  • Light emitting patterns using the most advanced Jacquard weaving technology
  • Monochrome or RGB light
  • Ambient lighting for a comfortable environment
  • Powerful lighting with high power LED
  • Dynamic and interactive control of brightness and colours

Light source features:

  • Standard or high power LED sources
  • Electronic control system for the LED (control by sectors, colours, and intensity)
  • Low voltage and low power consumption
  • Life span: 50,000 to 100,000 hours
  • Maintenance free

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  • Design features:

    • Flexible, rigid, curved or 3D shape lighting surface
    • Small or large areas up to several square meters
    • Narrow or wide, short or long strips
    • Unique textile look and feel
    • Can easily be combined with other materials (leather / glass)
    • Ultra-thin (
    • Remote light source allows heat dissipation and EMI problems to be away from the illuminated surface

    How it works

    The 5 steps to make lighting fabrics:

    1. Optical fibres weaving
    2. Surface processing of the fabric for side light emitting
    3. Optional surface processing and material assemblies
    4. Connection of fibres to light sources (LED) with lenses
    5. Electronic control and power supply